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In Response to Defeatist thought


In Response to Defeatist Thought is a thirteen part series that tackles the mentality of
defeat in general, and the pseudo arguments used to justify defeatism in Arab and
Palestinian circumstances in particular.

As the oppressed are put under the yoke of their oppressors, they are indoctrinated
to accept their condition as rational or inevitable.

Mouthpieces of the status quo emerge to promote rationalizations and to forge the
chains of mental slavery

Hence, it becomes necessary to identify and debunk defeatist arguments to embark
on the path of true liberation.

The series below is an attempt to defeat "defeatism". But even though its purpose
is political and many of the arguments dissected are political in nature, the
approach is highly unconventional and borrows freely from psychology, military
science, history, economics, and children’s literature.
Some of the parts of the
series are  good enough  for your children or little siblings. Some of the
other parts are more direct and political. But the series can also
be viewed as an indivisible whole in response to defeatist

[The series was written by Ibrahim Alloush, and was edited and amended by
the friends and editors of the Free Arab Voice, mainly Nabila Harb, Ziad el
Jishi, and Fadia Rafeedie. The page was designed by FAV's webmaster,
Tawfic  Abdul-Fattah].



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