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- Ongoing Thoughts on the events of 11 September -
11 September: Cui bono?
By Nabila Harb

The death of innocent individuals is always a tragedy, whether or not it is
death by act of God or act of Man. Those who lost loved ones on Tuesday merit
every sympathy. On the other hand, it is wrong for the media and Government
to capitalise on this tragedy for purposes of gain and utterly wrong to
attempt to throw blame on other victims. Gain in this case is not limited to
financial gain, in terms of better ratings and sales, but also gain in terms
of using a tragedy to further foreign policies and military ambitions that
were premeditated long before Tuesday's events. This is what is happening.
Just as the Gulf War was falsely hyped by the media and U.S. Government as an
action 'to protect democracy', the events of Tuesday are being hyped to
create a flag-waving, jingoistic mentality in the American people, to further
blind them to an outrageous foreign policy that actually must be held
responsible for the deaths that occurred. A few brave journalists and
individuals are asking the right questions, but most are content to buy into
the general emotional hysteria that is sweeping the American people towards a
greater disaster in terms of America vis-a-vis the world.

There is an old adage to the effect that, when a crime is committed, one
needs to ask the question, 'Cui bono?'   In English, 'Who benefits?'  In
asking the question, 'Who benefits from the attacks on the World Trade Centre
and the Pentagon?'  the answer definitely does not point to the Arab and
Muslim world, but rather to the American Government, American military
machine and the media.  In financial terms, Americans, traditionally averse
to parting with any of their assets, are actually volunteering for tax
increase for the purpose of 'Defence'.  As far as the media is concerned,
tragedy and violence are always bestsellers, and these events have proven
more compelling than the Gulf War.  The bombing of Baghdad represented
nothing more significant to the American people than a beautiful 'fireworks
display'  and a chance to show that arch-demon, Saddam Hussein, who was boss.
It was only when American soldiers died during the Gulf War that American
public support of the war diminished.   Why, they asked, should Americans die
to protect oil?  Sadly, this question was NOT asked when Bush Sr. first
attacked Iraq.  The media and U.S. government 'spin' on 'Desert Storm' was
that Americans were being asked to defend Democracy.  Since last Tuesday's
events, the media and American government have orchestrated the maximum
amount of drama in order to  engender  all of the emotions of a soap opera in
the American public, from rage to sorrow, to grandiose gestures of charity.
 This is not to say that the emotions are not sincere.  Except where it
involves people who actually knew and loved the victims, however, the
emotional outpourings  are not based on anything real, any more than the
emotions elicited by prime time drama.  The fact is that the endless parade
of grief and destruction on television since Tuesday has deliberately whipped
the American people into a frenzy, and loosened their pursestrings.   Human
nature is such that it is naturally drawn to heroic displays.   The events of
Tuesday and subsequent media hype have provided ordinary Americans as far
away as California with the chance to appear heroic. The fact that it is all
based on deception and ignorance is irrelevant.  As long as it is stamped
with the image of the American flag, all outpourings are valid.     One does
not want to cheapen legitimate loss and grief by any means here, but it is
the media and the American government, with their ulterior motives, I submit
that is cheapening the legitimate sorrow of those who lost friends and loved
ones on Tuesday.    It is not the fault of the American public, which is
being treated to an incredibly sophisticated public relations campaign.
When presidential candidates are forced to consider a good public relations
organisation as one of the most vital elements in any presidential campaign,
it is evident that the media holds vast power to determine the fate of the
United States and its people.

To return to the question of 'Cui bono',  the American military is high on
the list of beneficiaries.
The military of course only benefits if there is increased spending on the
military machine. George Bush, a pale shadow of his father, will benefit now
and be able to parade himself as a military 'hero' for his role in 'the war
against terror'. He is being granted the money and power that he had been
refused prior to Tuesday. Sad to say, whatever military action he takes in
the name of the American people WILL NOT HAVE ANY EFFECT EXCEPT TO KILL
INNOCENT PEOPLE and advance utterly despicable political hidden military
agendas of which the American people for the most part remain ignorant. Even
sadder is the realisation that such actions are what fuel international
hatred of the United States. The world does not hate the American people
individually, but every bomb, missile and bullet that is used by the American
military abroad is being used in the name of the American people. Thus,
Tuesday's acts should come as no surprise. There is a certain logic to the
targets: Wall Street and the World Trade Centre, hub of American financial
power which funds American foreign policy and the American military machine,
and the Pentagon, which is the heart of the American military machine. And
although the individuals who were killed on Tuesday for the most part were
innocent individually, their taxes and their votes are what enable U.S.
foreign policy and U.S. State terrorism abroad.

A dishonest media and government  are already reaping benefits from the
emotions that they have fostered.  One week after the attacks, today's
newspapers are writing to the effect that the majority of Americans feel that
we are at war, and that NO PRICE is too great here to PROTECT THE AMERICAN
WAY, even to raising taxes! Now, that is a clear message indeed, to the
effect that the government and media have managed to brainwash the American
public within the space of less than a week to a total reversal. Last week,
Americans did not want taxes raised FOR ANY PURPOSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
What has changed? NOTHING IN TRUTH.  Only perceptions

When one looks at the public's response to Tuesday's acts, one is made even
more aware of the degree of ignorance and callousness toward the rest of the
world that unfortunately has become the hallmark of the American people.
Immediate responses include flag-waving and a sharp increase in the usual
threats against Arabs and Muslims, when in fact, people from many different
nations and origins died on Tuesday and some of them were Arabs and Muslims.
It is truly depressing when one realises that the blind bigotry and hatred of
Arabs and Muslims is not something that was born out of Tuesday's events, but
is long-standing and profound, and based on total ignorance and lack of
understanding of the world outside of mainstream American 'culture'. And yet,
this hatred and bigotry is either condoned or dismissed as being
'understandable' if regrettable when the spontaneous initial response of some
Arabs is perceived as outrageous and totally inconprehensible to any one with
an ounce of humanity. It is here that one is made aware of a shocking truth:
Arabs and Muslims are being held to a HIGHER standard of morality and conduct
than any one else. The Palestinian people, whose oppression and ethnic
genocide at the hands of the Zionists over the past fifty years has been
funded and enabled by the U.S. are expected to grieve when total strangers
thousands of miles away in the U.S. are killed. Most of them do, in fact, but
I would submit that this is rather remarkable, given the reality of total
indifference or outright hostility that is shown to the Palestinian people by
the U.S. in general.

Few of the so-called 'facts' that have emerged from the events of Tuesday
make much sense. First of all, the usual Muslim-bashers jubilantly danced out
of the woodwork to proclaim their conviction that Tuesday's attacks were not
only the acts of Muslim fundamentalists, but that these acts REPRESENTED
Islam itself. As the killing of innocents is catagorically forbidden by the
Qur'an, it is obvious that the basic argument has utterly no merit, and yet,
it is gaining support among the ignorant. President Bush and the American
government, while welcoming and promoting such bigoted creatures as Steve
Emerson as spokesmen, have cautioned people not to believe the message. But
it is a mixed message at best, as it is people with the views of Emerson who
make up the so-called 'anti-terrorist experts' in the U.S. government, who
are determined to lead the U.S. into greater outrages and disasters in the
international arena.
Another elementary point that evidently must be made is to remind the public
that Islam is made up of many different sects, as is Christianity and
'fundamentalists' remain a very small minority.
More specific to Tuesday's acts is the behaviour of some of the alleged
hijackers, who visited a bar, consumed alcohol, paid for sexually promiscuous
acts known as 'lap dances' and then left a copy of the Holy Qur'an on the
bar. John Kap, owner of the Pink Pony Nude Theatre in Daytona Florida, turned
over credit receipts belonging to some of the alleged hijackers, as well as a
copy of the Holy Qur'an, which he claimed was left behind at the bar.
Supposedly, three of the men alleged to have participated in the hijackings
patronised his bar the night before, drank Stolichnaya vodka and rum, and
paid for and indulged in lap dancing, then, rather inexplicably, left a copy
of the Holy Qur'an in this establishment catering to alcohol and illicit sex,
two things that are categorically forbidden in Islam. This is a most bizarre
tale for many reasons. First of all, any devout Muslim, fundamentalist,
moderate or otherwise, knowing that his/her death was imminent, would not
engage in forbidden acts such as the drinking of alcohol and illicit sex.
People like Emerson talk about the 'religious fanaticism of the hijackers' as
the cause of Tuesday's acts, but the behaviour of the alleged hijackers
cannot be considered the behaviour of ANY kind of Muslim. Beyond this, it
would be inconceivable that a Muslim would BRING a copy of the Holy Qur'an to
such a venue, and leave it on a bar. The Holy Qur'an is NOT merely a book to
Muslims; it is treated as sacred. Thus, there are rules that relate to its
use. One must be in a state of purity even to touch the Qur'an. It never can
be placed on the floor, which is considered impure. Many people cover the
Qur'an with cloth or keep it in a case so that it will not be defiled even by
accident. What Muslim would take the Holy Qur'an into a bar and then leave it
there on a place that is soaked in alcohol?
How, then, can it be argued that the motivation of the attacks was religious
fanaticism,  fueled by the promise of the reward of the devout martyr, which
is instant access to heaven, when the alleged attackers committed acts the
night before that could deny them ANY entrance into heaven?

Of course, those supposed 'experts on terrorism' who are using the deaths of
American citizens to fuel their own bigoted and entirely unjustifiable
campaign against Islam, conveniently ignore facts whenever possible, trusting
in the American public to focus on emotionally-charged symbols such as the
American flag waving in the breeze rather than careful investigation of the
facts in any specific incident. These are the same 'terrorism experts' that
claimed that the Oklahoma City bombing was the work of Arab-Muslim
fundamentalists, and yet, after Tuesday's events, despite their lack of
credibility, the media once again welcomed their pronouncements, without even
bringing the proverbial grain of salt to the table.
The other odd 'fact' that has emerged is a warning given by an Iranian
prisoner in Germany before Tuesday, urging the U.S. to take precautions
against an act that would be attempted against the World Trade Centre. Why
did the U.S. ignore this warning? This was not a warning given anonymously by
some one without any credentials or reliability, evidently. And yet, the U.S.
did nothing.

Then there are the assertions that these acts were 'extremely sophisticated',
and that they demonstrated a 'sophisticated infrastructure of terrorism
within the United States'. This assertion is one that has been made by the
Emerson-type bigots for a long time, and is their argument for silencing any
group or organisation that is critical of Zionism and the Zionist State. The
fact of the matter is that Tuesday's acts were very simple, requiring nothing
more sophisticated than knowledge of flying and a common household tool.
There were no sophisticated weapons here, nothing but ordinary box-cutters,
which are in common use by people everywhere. The implication, moreover that
individual Arabs would not be intellectually capable of formulating any sort
of workable plan is more than annoying. Although most Arabs are outraged by
Tuesday's acts, and would never dream of committing them, it is not for lack
of intelligence! This takes one back to the ever-present denigration of Arabs
by the U.S. media.

Meanwhile, as the flames of American 'patriotism' are fanned by the media and
American government, Palestinians are being subjected to even more terrorism
by the Zionists, who are invading town after town, having gained what they
feel is the necessary approval from the U.S. by equating Arafat with the
'villain of the Day', Osama Bin Laden. Apart from the fact that Sharon's
comment is the most shameless sort of propaganda, it comes from the mouth of
a man who was convicted of complicity in one of the worst massacres of
innocent people by the Israelis themselves, the massacres of Sabra and
Shatila in Lebanon, where old people, woman and children were not only
killed, but tortured and degraded in the most horrible manners first. Not
only this, but it demonstrates the alacrity with which the Zionists are
willing to exploit the deaths of others in order to further their programme
of terrorism against the Palestinian people. In the same way in which the
Zionists have exploited the death of Jews in the era of the Second World War,
they are exploiting the deaths that occurred Wednesday, and manipulating the
media to further their own aims.

In actuality, despite Zionist attempts to persuade the U.S. to the contrary,
Tuesday's events were not caused by the Palestinian people, and cannot be
used to attempt to lessen support for the ongoing Palestinian struggle
against Occupation.  The connection between the events of 11 September that
took place in the U.S. and the Palestinian struggle can be seen only in terms
of U.S. complicity and responsibility for this bloodshed as the price paid
for years of wanton arrogance and blindness on the part of the U.S. in the
international arena.  Of course, this presumes that the attacks were somehow
motivated by desperate frustration in the face of U.S. refusal to view the
international scene with any degree of unbiased reason.  When the U.S.
continued to side blindly with the Zionists and to repudiate the FACT that
Zionism is indeed Racism, was, is and always has been, that was adequate
cause certainly for desperation on the part of the helplessly oppressed
throughout the world.  No real evidence has been given, so far, however, with
respect to the 'who' and the 'why' of the attacks, so one can only speculate.
 As far as profit or gain from the attacks, however, in terms of the
Palestinian struggle, it is only the Zionists who are another major
beneficiary.  Although the attacks represent a terrible tragedy to the
victims and their loved ones, they should be perceived as entirely irrelevant
in terms of altering the complexion of the Palestinian struggle for freedom
and justice.  Furthermore, there can be NO logic in attempts to equate ANY
kind of Palestinian resistance against Occupation with the attacks in New
York and Washington D.C. The armed Zionist invader of Palestine cannot be
compared to civilians going about their daily business in New York or
travelling on airplanes from one American city to another.  Those who have
enough integrity to support the legitimacy of the Palestinian cause should
not be forced to 'tread softly' in some mistaken notion that it is
'inappropriate' to make demands of a nation in the throes of grief. The
nation, first of all, is not in the throes of grief. Those who lost loved
ones ARE, but their loss is being shamelessly manipulated by special
interests in an attempt to sweep the entire nation into further aggression
abroad. The Arab and Muslim world, and in particular, the Palestinian people,
BEAR NO RESPONSIBILITY for the loss of life in the States on Tuesday. And the
truth of the matter is that the Palestinian people have only experienced an
acceleration in the official Zionist terrorist campaign against them since
Tuesday. It could be justifiably argued that they, rather than the American
people, are the greatest victims of Tuesday's events. For the Zionist
minister, Ben Eliezer, bluntly stated that: "It is a fact that we have killed
14 Palestinians in Jenin, Kabatyeh and Tammun, with the world remaining
absolutely silent. It's [Tuesday's events] a disaster for Arafat. " In the
aftermath of Tuesday's events, with 24 hour news coverage that provides
little true illumination and much misdirection, the cause of the Palestinian
people is one of the few things that remains totally uncompromised.

In point of fact, in the context of beneficiaries, the Zionist cause is very
high on the list.  it is interesting to discover that the FBI arrested five
Jews outside of the World Trade Centre about four hours after the attack and
are still holding them.  A Zionist newspaper, Haaretz, reported today that
these men, who worked for a moving company, had been out of touch with
friends and relatives for a number of days before the attacks.  After the
attacks, New York neighbours alerted the police, seeing these men evidently
'celebrating' the attacks and filming video of the disaster. These men are
expected to be deported soon.    Two points are of particular interest here:
first of all, the fact that the Zionists, who benefit far more than any Arab
or Muslim group from these attacks in the U.S. have been known to orchestrate
'terrorist' attacks throughout the history of Zionism, in order to achieve
political goals.  It is well-documented that Zionists organised attacks
against fellow Jews in the Arab world during the early days of Zionism in
order to create an atmosphere of panic that would 'encourage' more Jews to
'emigrate' to Palestine.  So it is hardly unknown for the Zionists to involve
themselves in attacks against their allies or even their own people.  Witness
the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, a deliberate act undertaken against the
U.S. by the Zionist State in order to prevent U.S. knowledge of Zionist
plans.   The second point of interest is the fact that these arrests have
received absolutely no coverage in the U.S. media.  While the arrests of
unfortunate Arabs who happened to be in the vicinity of an airport or train
station a day or two after the attacks represented a 'possible second wave of
terrorists' to the U.S. media, news of the arrests of five Jews was not even

Finally, the reaction of Muslims and Arabs throughout the world to the
attacks of Tuesday is rather depressing.  Although the natural human reaction
to any death of an innocent civilian is sympathy and condolences, Muslims and
Arabs should not be forced to engage in American flag-waving simply out of
TERROR.  And the fact is that Muslims and Arabs, whether individuals or
States are being terrorised by threats of 'revenge' and 'reprisals' from the
United States.  Arab-Americans and Muslims who before the 11th of September
expressed an intelligent critical viewpoint towards U.S. foreign policies are
now silent, hanging up or wearing the same American flag that has represented
and been the official symbol of terrorist acts internationally against the
Arab and Muslim peoples.    This is outrageous, to say the least.  It is,
however, entirely understandable.  Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. particularly
live now in fear of death or grievous bodily harm, simply because of their
ethnic or religious backgrounds.  Their response, very naturally, is to
protect themselves and their families.  If moral compromise, in the form of
silence against U.S. oppression and injustice is the price they must pay, so
be it.  It is interesting to note here that this is the price that ordinary
Germans paid during the Third Reich, and yet they are condemned and held
responsible for acts of the German State simply because they were unwilling
to risk their own lives and the lives and wellbeing of their loved ones
simply in order to make a political point.    It is the Muslims and Arabs in
this country, not other Americans, who are living in TERROR since Tuesday, 11
September.  For all of the hysteria of the media, and the outpourings of
angst on the part of other Americans, it is only the Muslims and Arabs who
are being forced to deal with REAL intimidation and terror.    Those who
refuse to sport an American flag, BEWARE!  That is the message now in the
United States.  In fact, the official quote was: 'You are either for us or
against us.'  Any one who does not support the official U.S. foreign and
domestic policies now will be considered a supporter of 'terrorism', an enemy
to the American people.   People are sending out their expressions of
sympathy and support with alacrity throughout the world under the threat of
TERROR, pure and simple. They are terrified that, if they should not give the
desired responses, they will be destroyed by the U.S. And what does THAT say
about American foreign policy? Just as 'Truth is no defence' when one opposes
Zionism, is it going to be no defence when one is dealing with the U.S. and
the reality of its foreign policies?  Arab and Muslim leaders apparently
believe that this is the case.  Indeed, at this point in time, there are few
who have the courage to speak out against an overwhelming propaganda campaign
that has the full backing of every powerful American organisation, from the
military to the FBI and CIA.    Unfortunately, under the pressure of this
sophisticated propaganda campaign, the American people are being persuaded to
relinquish the only protections under law which they possessed against a
totalitarian state, thus making them even more helpless and ignorant in any
quest for truth.

It should come as no surprise, then,  that U.S. Defence Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld declared today that he doubted that any surrender of Osama bin Laden
would be enough to avert a U.S. military-led campaign against 'terrorism'.

And although Pakistani officials very reasonably stated that some skeptics in
the region might be more easily convinced of bin Laden's guilt if the United
States released more evidence of his involvement. Rumsfeld said it would make
no sense to give out intelligence.  In other words, it does not matter
whether Osama bin Laden is innocent or guilty.   As a highly-visible
personality who looks 'foreign' and 'sinister' to the American public, after
a protected media campaign designed to focus the public's fears on 'Islamic
fundamentalism' as the Prime Suspect in ANY acts against U.S. foreign policy,
Osama bin Laden will serve as the catalyst, in the same way that Saddam
Hussein was created by the U.S. media as a kind of super-villain in order to
attempt to garner the public's support for the Gulf War.    From the moment
that the first plane hit the World Trade Centre, the message from the U.S.
was unequivocal, in fact.  It was determined to enable itself to accelerate
an international and domestic campaign against critics of its policies,
irrespective of who was ultimately found to be responsible for the attacks.
   And the U.S. was determined to launch a war against its critics long
BEFORE the attacks.  The events of 11 September simply have served as a
convenient excuse.  If these attacks had not taken place, something would
have been contrived in their place.

'Clearly you begin on a journey with one step, and he would be one step,'
Rumsfeld continued, as if the murder of Osama bin Laden would represent the
first notch on a gunbelt that was destined to carry many.  Indeed, when Bush
Jr. stated that he wanted 'Bin Laden, dead or alive', he deliberately
fostered the gun-slinging law-disrespecting image of a Texas frontiersman so
dear to the American people.

In the same article, it spoke of Bush's visit yesterday to an American
mosque,  where he stated that: 'Muslims and Arab-Americans should be treated
with respect. 'Islam is peace. These terrorists don't represent peace, they
represent evil and war.'
In a way, Bush's attitude could be more frightening than if he came out
against Islam wholeheartedly.  Obviously he is trying to separate the Ummah
and Arab Nation, to create a sharp division that will silence any opposition
to American foreign policy.  Muslims or Arabs who support American foreign
policy will be considered 'good Muslims' or 'good Arabs'.  Those who dare to
criticise will be turned upon by our own communities in fear of reprisals
from the U.S.

Finally, in terms of defining the 'victims' of the attacks, over 2,000 of the
victims were not even Americans.  The largest international community
affected evidently was Pakistan, (now being victimised again by American
bullying in its quest for allies for its 'Operation Infinite Justice'
programme)  but the victims came from many different nations.  So the
continued insistance on the notion that only Americans suffered here is
simply another example of the sort of arrogant self-centred attitude that
does not endear the U.S. to the rest of the world.

Cui bono? Not the Muslim or Arab world.  Not Osama bin Laden, who denied any
role in the attacks and who yet has been condemned to death without benefit
of any legal proceedings or defence. Not the Palestinian people, who are
enduring waves of terrorism at the hands of the Zionists, under cover of the
Stars and Stripes and the smoke rising from the ashes of the World Trade
Centre and Pentagon.  Cui bono?

P.S.(Sep 21)
Last night, President Bush addressed the 'American people' and the world in
an incredible media event, using every dramatic effect he could muster in
order to present his message to the universe at large.  It is interesting to
note that this speech could have been written before 11 September, as it
embodies all of the causes that Bush endorsed even before the attacks.  The
only difference is that he did NOT have the support of the American people in
the terms of necessary financial backing before 11 September.

Bush declared:
'On September the 11th, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against
our country.  Americans have known wars, but for the past 136 years they have
been wars on foreign soil, except for one Sunday in 1941.  Americans have
known the casualties of war, but not at the center of a great city on a
peaceful morning.'

Why is an attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon necessarily an
attack on freedom?  The fact of the matter is that this attack may have been
motivated by a desire for FREEDOM, rather than being an attack ON freedom.
And the rather frightening speech that Bush gave last night makes it clear
that the danger to freedom comes more from the U.S. government and its
responses to these attacks than from any elusive, unidentifiable 'terrorist'.

For Bush goes on to say:

Americans are asking ''Why do they hate us?''

They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected
government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms: our
freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble
and disagree with each other.

They want to overthrow existing governments in many Muslim countries such as
Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. They want to drive Israel out of the Middle
East. They want to drive Christians and Jews out of vast regions of Asia and

These terrorists kill not merely to end lives, but to disrupt and end a way
of life. With every atrocity, they hope that America grows fearful,
retreating from the world and forsaking our friends. They stand against us
because we stand in their way.'

This is the most ridiculous nonsense.  It is just this sort of facile
ignorance that is to blame for America's lack of understanding of
international affairs.  In fact, the governments that Bush mentions as
'friends' in the Middle East are self-appointed, including the Zionist entity
which invaded the Palestinian homeland and 'appointed itself' the Landlord of
a homeland belonging to another people.  Saudi Arabia is not a democracy.
Jordan is not a democracy.  Egypt does not represent the voice of the masses.

Then with more of the arrogant blindness that is the true culprit in the
attacks on 11 September, Bush proceeded with his flawed depiction  of world
affairs, declaring:

'We're not deceived by their pretenses to piety.

We have seen their kind before. They are the heirs of all the murderous
ideologies of the 20th century. By sacrificing human life to serve their
radical visions, by abandoning every value except the will to power, they
follow in the path of fascism, Nazism and totalitarianism. And they will
follow that path all the way to where it ends in history's unmarked grave of
discarded lies.'

Well, President Bush evidently has forgotten the history of the nation which
he rules, with its bloody REVOLUTION against the British government.  He has
forgotten the French Revolution, which overthrew a totalitarian government...
he has forgotten that the helpless cannot declare war against the empowered,
that guerrilla attack is the means used by resistance forces against REGIMES
that do not listen to the voice of the oppressed.

Finally, Bush gets to the heart of his agenda, saying:

Americans are asking, ''How will we fight and win this war?''
We will direct every resource at our command -- every means of diplomacy,
every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement, every
financial influence, and every necessary weapon of war -- to the destruction
and to the defeat of the global terror network.
We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive
them from place to place until there is no refuge or no rest.
And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every
nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or
you are with the terrorists.
From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support
terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime. Our
nation has been put on notice, we're not immune from attack. We will take
defensive measures against terrorism to protect Americans.'

So now, simple disagreement with American foreign policy will be defined as
support of 'terrorism'.  And Bush claims to be fighting on the side of
It is a pity that Bush does not recognise true terrorism when he sees it: in
his 'friend', the Zionist entity and its agents here in the U.S. who promote
the billion dollar funding of an absurd 'anti-terrorist infrastructure' that
will lead America further into the depths of a criminal foreign policy
against the poor and oppressed of our world, against those who resist illegal
Occupation and dictatorial governments, against those who have the courage to
resist American dollars and American intimidation.  It is a pity that Bush is
determined to divide the world along the lines of his choosing, which will
separate innocent Americans from the rest of the world and place them firmly
in the camp of the Enemy of Justice and Self-Determination.

Mr. Bush, it is Americans like you who ultimately must bear the full
responsibility for any loss of American lives, for you are dragging the
American people farther into a foreign and domestic policy that is designed
to deal a death blow to true freedom, both in the U.S. and abroad.




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