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Audre Pinque and The Right Direction to Palestine?!

MacKenzie Paine, i.e., Audre Pinque, died at six-thirty in the evening on
March 12, 2002, in a terrible car accident in the American state of Alabama.
  With her death, Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, and the supporters of
freedom and justice worldwide have lost a vehement supporter and a tireless
activist.  Audre Pinque was an outspoken and a fearless revisionist
historian, and a dynamic personality who networked continuously for the
Palestinian cause.  To that purpose, Audre Pinque was instrumental in
building close connections between revisionist historians and Palestinian
activists in general and the Free Arab Voice in particular.  At the time,
Audre Pinque was lauded by many revisionist historians for establishing that

And so it was that only a few hours before she died Audre sent me this email
in response to my post titled: Help! Arrests in Jordan:

Dear Ibrahim, I've raised nearly enough money to get over there to cover this history first hand --- and to take care of some personal business. Jim can't go with me, though, so I'll be on my own. If I fly into Amman can you meet me and point me in the right direction to Palestine? Audre
Upon reading this message again and again, I couldn’t help but wonder: what personal business could Audre have in this part of the world? After all, for dedicated activists, can there be political business that is not personal business?!  But then, upon re-reading: “.. can you point me in the right direction to Palestine?”, I was suddenly struck by this thought: wouldn’t one be remembered and honored just for having these words be the last email one ever writes?!   But Audre knew the right direction to Palestine. On Palestinian discussion lists such as Free Palestine, she openly called for liberation through armed struggle against the Zionist invaders where others balked. Thus, Audre Pinque ceaselessly tackled the two softest spots that hurt Zionists the most. These are:
  1. the “Holocaust”, which she helped expose as a mere collection of myths that serve a specific political agenda. She always held the belief, and many of us with her, that this effort to expose the “Holocaust” would eliminate the ideological justification of “Israel” as a safe haven of a Jewish state from the ‘anti-semitism’ of this world! Together, we also believed that unmasking the myths of the “Holocaust” also serves to remove a political tool of Zionist blackmail against Western public opinion, and hence, Western support for “Israel”. We maintained that these efforts also preempt the alleged Zionist moral right to remain above the law under the dubious pretext of the ‘uniqueness’ of the “Holocaust” in human history.   
  2. The armed struggle of the Palestinians. Audre proclaimed from the rooftops that Palestinian armed resistance was justified because it was legitimate resistance against the occupation. She never wavered on this one until the very end. When I sent out an Arabic post that she couldn’t read on the protest in Amman after which several activists were arrested, she wrote me half-jokingly: “I hope this is a call to arms..”. Unlike many, Audre knew in her heart that each successful Palestinian military operation would convince “Israelis” of the error of their ways a hundred times more than all the empty appeals for coexistence in the last three decades combined. Subsequently, Audre Pinque did not shy away from giving Palestinians pointers on the military aspects of the struggle on electronic lists.  
Audre Pinque sent out regularly anti-Zionist political posts in a sequence titled Truth-Seeking Missiles. One of those, mass-mailed in the past through the email list of the Association against Zionism and Racism in Amman, is copied below for the benefit of those who don’t know her to catch a glimpse of what Mackinzie Paine (her nom de guerre) was all about.  In the aftermath of the banning of the Conference on Revisionism and Zionism in Beirut in March 2001, Audre Pinque kept in constant touch with the developments taking place in Jordan as the Jordanian Writers Association tried several times to hold a forum on the banned revisionist historians conference in Beirut. During that episode, Audre Pinque sent us supportive messages almost daily, and was always generous with her suggestions, encouragement, and spirit. Audre always egged activists on to do more and to do it faster. She knew neither fear nor hesitation. In the coming media and political battles against Zionists and their supporters, Audre will be sorely missed. To her brave, dynamic, and friendly soul, I hereby bid a thousand Palestinian Arab salutes on the behalf of all those who knew and appreciated her. I am also dedicating a pamphlet written in Arabic on historical revisionism and the ‘Holocaust’ to the memory of Mackinzie Paine.  May her soul rest in peace. Respectfully, Ibrahim Alloush    P.S. Below you shall also find:
  1. a message from revisionist historian Germar Rudolf on Audre Pinque’s death, including a physical address to which you can send your condolences,
  2. and 
  3. a Truth-Seeking Missile written by Audre Pinque and sent out through the email list of the Association against Zionism and Racism on May 15, 2001.  
======================================= 1) On Audre Pinque from Germar Rudolf: Dear friends and supporters! Some of you might know about the Truth Seeking Missiles, emails sent out by MacKenzie Paine, i.e., Audre Pinque, to defy the Bully called "Holocaust Industry" and to support the effort of the peaceful Palestinian freedom fighters. Two years ago, Mrs. Pinque became secretary of Bradley Smith, head of the Committee for the Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), now having the biggest revisionist website and . It was there where Mrs. Pinque got her introduction into revisionism, quickly becoming one of the driving forces behind the scene, and since middle of last year, when she started her own email list, also in public. Yesterday, MacKenzie Paine, i.e., Audre Pinque, and her family decided to go out for dinner. A Chinese restaurant in Huntsville was the destination. So they all hopped into their car: Audre, her father, her mentally challenged brother, and her two sons Anthony and Jonathan. It was already dark at 6:30pm on that Tuesday, March 12th 2002, and it was raining. Audre drove her family down East Limestone Road in order to reach Highway 72 leading into Huntsville. The intersection of East Limestone Road with Highway 72 lies in a small valley and has no traffic lights, so oncoming cars can be spotted only relatively late. Because of these poor conditions, Audre hesitated to pull out from East Limestone Road to cross over to the other side of Highway 72. But then, she dared it and crossed the street. Her car was hit by a van coming from Huntsville at full speed. While the van flipped over and landed on its roof, Audre's car got badly deformed. Unfortunately, the impact was exactly at the driver's side. While Audre's sons and brother got away with bruises and small cuts, Audre's father suffered some serious back injuries, hopefully causing no lasting disabilities. The woman in the van suffered only uncomplicated injuries to one of her legs, and her baby, which was securely strapped into a baby seat, was unharmed. Audre herself died at the scene. Her two boys are now without parents, and their grandfather will not be with them for a while. Dr. Robert H. Countess and his wife Elda will assist the family as much as they can to get through these hard times, and my financée and I, Germar Rudolf, will support them where ever we can. If you want to express your condolence, or offer/send help to the mourning family, please send all mail to this address: R. Pinque, PO Box 116, Capshaw, AL 35742 Under these circumstances, I hope you will understand that there will be no further Truth Seeking Missiles, unless anybody of Audre's friends and supporters is willing to continue her legacy. Should there be any volunteer(s) for this, please contact me at Thank your for your understanding. Germar Rudolf PS: Shortly after the sad news was revealed to the boys, Anthony said: "Now I know how the Palestinians feel." ========================================= 2) Truth Seeking Missile Circling the Globe in Defense of Truth, Justice & Freedom May 14, 2001 FIRE ELEVEN! The Dirty Little Secret MacKenzie Paine May 15th is Israel's "Independence Day." Such a strange name for the occupation of Palestine, which began more than fifty years ago and aggressively continues today. "Independence from whom?" one has to ask. While the world will be expected to reverently bow our heads in commemoration of this solemn date I wonder if Sharon will take a break from his murderous activities, or will heighten them in celebration of Zionist "Independence." Whichever way Sharon lumbers, this year, finally, I don't think the rest of the world will stand humbly by, heads bowed, reverently reciting the Zionist line of "Never again." The so-called peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have deteriorated into classic Sharon terror and brutality, backed by our client regime in Washington DC, ignored by our media and applauded by The Bully's deranged supporters in the US and Europe. But there is a dirty little secret that is bubbling to the surface around the world, the secret that could pierce The Bully's underbelly like a knife through warm butter. The Bully has denied the most basic rights to anyone who knows this dirty little secret. The Bully has made sure that those in the know are locked up in jails, their families terrorized, their homes fire bombed. The Bully issues death threats, forces through legislation that forbids the truth in courts of law-even murders those who would tell the world The Bully's dirty little secret. But with all the terror tactics, censorship laws and brute force, even The Bully cannot prevent the truth from prevailing. What is this dirty little secret, you ask? I will tell you, but first I must warn you to keep your eyes wide open and your hands away from your ears. Don't get faint. The Palestinian people need us to slice through that warm butter, to bring The Bully down once and for all, and it will take all of us using all of our might to do so. If you can't stand the heat or can't face the truth, you'll have more Palestinian blood on your hands and that nation of innocents could perish from the earth. The Palestinians will never succumb to slavery, so The Bully will have to kill them all. Okay, take a deep breath now and be brave! Here's the dirty little secret. The German nation and the Nazi government did NOT have a plan for mass extermination of Jews during WWII. I repeat, there was never a plan for the mass extermination of Jews during WWII. Further, it has been proven by some of the bravest souls on earth-scientifically, historically, demographically, through diligent research and in spite of The Bully's brutal oppression-that the Nazis did NOT gas 6,000,000 Jews during WWII! They didn't gas one million Jews! No one was gassed. The established version of WWII-the Zionist version-which puts Jews front and center and makes their suffering unique, is a lie. It's The Bully's lie and that's what The Bully cannot afford to have the masses know. That's the dirty little secret, and that's what is getting out. If you don't believe me, high tail it right now to your nearest holocaust museum or holocaust studies class and demand solid proof that the Germans had a plan and a weapon for the mass extermination of Jews. You know what they'll show you? Photographs of piles of shoes and eyeglasses. These were gathered by wartime Germany for recycling, but The Bully will tell you the former owners were gassed. They'll show you photographs of piles of hair that were used by wartime Germany's navy as a sealant on submarines, but The Bully will tell you the hair was shorn just before folks were gassed. (They were actually being deloused, to protect their lives from Typhus!) They'll show you photographs of people standing around or getting off of trains and tell you that the people in the photos are about to be gassed. Anyone with half a clue can see that these are actually just photographs of people standing around or getting off of trains. They'll show you horrible photographs of piles of emaciated bodies and tell you that these poor souls were gassed. More than FORTY MILLION people perished during WWII, so getting photographs of unfortunate victims wouldn't have been terribly difficult. How does that prove that they were all Jewish and they were all gassed? Do as our beloved and brilliant Professor Faurisson has been doing for decades. Demand to see a photograph of a homicidal gas chamber. (The so-called "gas chamber" at Auschwitz is a post war reproduction, courtesy of the Red Army.) The Bully can't show you a single photograph of a wartime homicidal gas chamber, even though they have photographs of shoes, eyeglasses and hair. Want to make an educated guess as to why? The Bully will beat its chest and roar about the Nuremberg Trials, which "proved" the "holocaust." Take a look-it doesn't even have to be a close look-at the transcripts from these "trials" and you will find proof that they were nothing more than Soviet show trials, denounced at the time by US statesmen and Judges. The only thing the Nuremberg Trials prove is that The Bully denies justice and truth, whenever it deems necessary. Instead of providing solid evidence of the mass extermination of Jews, The Bully will push you to listen to "survivor" testimony.  Listening to "survivor" testimony boils down to being a captive audience for people with no proof they were ever incarcerated in a concentration camp, with absolutely no evidence of the crimes they supposedly witnessed or endured and with no credentials as experts on the "holocaust" stories. Ask them to testify under oath with your right to cross-examine them and you will be shunned as an "anti-Semitic holocaust denier." They are professional libelers of the German people who are rarely held accountable for the deplorable, unproven, malignant accusations they propagate. Jews suffered during WWII. Many, many Jews died. But so did millions of servicemen fighting for their countries. So did millions of other civilians from disease, starvation and brutal attacks on civilian populations by both the Allied and Axis powers. Jewish suffering during WWII was NOT unique. The Bully cannot provide one solitary piece of scientific, historical or demographic evidence to prove its version of history. It can only scowl and threaten, imprison and murder, oppress and suppress. But the truth is coming out. If you want unique suffering, you need look no farther than the Palestinians. For more than half a century The Bully has been shooting babies in the face, shooting little boys who throw stones, murdering women and children, butchering men on their way to work, bulldozing houses while families sleep, carving trenches around villages to cut them off from the rest of the world, bombing houses, assassinating activists and silencing any critics. It is time to denounce The Bully's lies with all of our moral fiber, together. Our humanity, in the face of such terror and injustice, demands it of us. Arm yourselves with the truth. The Bully cannot, any longer, silence us all. There are millions who know the dirty little secret. It is up to us to expose it, to pierce The Bully's underbelly with the Truth. May 15th is Israeli Occupation Day. Spread the Truth and we can set the Palestinians free. Only then will we be true to the phrase "Never again." <<If you can help with the War Chest please make your contributions payable to my US contact: Ralph Pinque R-06, P.O. Box 439016, San Diego, CA 92143. For any contribution of $10 or more I will send you your official Bully Buster Certificate, in gratitude and unity. >> [Please note that the addresses given in the paragraph above are outdated now – Ibrahim A.] How to subscribe and unsubscribe: Thank you for subscribing to the Truth Seeking Missiles.  Please go to to add your name to the list. If you want to be removed from our list, please go to, enter your email, and remove yourself from the list. Sites The Bully hates: