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Response to Rabbi Cooper's New Attack on Arab Intellectuals, Syria, and Iran


Date: Tue, 08 May 2001

Dear Readers,

Below you shall find another sample of Zionist venom directed at the 
Jordanian Writers Association and a group of Arab intellectuals, as well as 
Syrian president Bashar Al Asad and Iran.  The cobra spewing out this venom 
is none other than Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  In 
his most recent recriminations, Rabbi Cooper attempts to vilify Palestinian 
journalist Abdallah Hourani, Sheik Nafez Azam of Gaza, Egyptian columnist 
Anis Mansour, Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass, Swiss revisionist 
Jurgen Graf, the Institute of Historical Review in the U.S., and
Ibrahim Alloush.  All the above, according to Cobra Cooper, are 'guilty'
of suspecting the received version of the Hollowcause and of spreading
'hatred'.  But as you read between the lines of his piece below, which
appeared as an editorial in the Miami Herald and again on the website
of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, please mark the following:

1) that the Zionists would not stop at anything to suffocate the scientific 
or critical investigation of the alleged "Holocaust", especially the myth of 
the gas chambers where millions of Jews supposedly perished in WWII.  This 
indicates, among other things, that THE INCESSANT ASSERTION OF THE 
PALESTINE.  That's why the topic of the "Holocaust" must remain sacrosanct 
taboo (in the age of science and technology), and those who dare to broach 
it must be viciously persecuted.

2) that the accusation of 'Holocaust denial' is merely a red herring thrown 
into the discourse by criminals trying to cover up their unquatifiable 
crimes by raising other totally fabricated issues, in order to drown out the 
evidence of their criminality.  Thus, the "Holocaust" has turned into a 
malevolent political dogma with oppressive tentacles.  It has ceased to be 
about the Jews who died in WWII to become a medieval mentality that 
practices moral, political, and sometimes physical terrorism against 
intellectuals and those who dare to think for themselves.  Therein lies the 
real spreading of fanaticism, ignorance and hatred.  The "Holocaust" has 
become a charade to cover up for the crimes of Zionism, and "Holocaust
denial" has become a charge directed at those who refuse to be duped by
that charade.

3) Revisionist historians, whether you agree or disagree with the results of 
their findings, are simply fighting for the freedom of scientific research, 
but Palestinians have much more at stake: a land, a people, an identity, and 
a liberation.  So if Rabbi Cobra and his fellow Zionists think that scare 
tactics such as the ones used on revisionist historians in Europe and North
America will make any dent whatsoever in our resolve to expose Zionist lies,
we advise them to think again.  You are not dealing with one individual here
or even a small group of individuals.  You are up against a whole people who
have witnessed the evil you have been perpetrating against Palestinians,
Arabs, and Muslims since the end of the nineteenth century. YOUR LIES WILL
NOT PASS.  You will not subjugate us to the terrorism of the "Holocaust";
a lie which keeps on being used to justify massacres against Palestinians,
and a lie whose continued imposition is guaranteed to generate more
massacres still.

4) that one of the scare tactics employed by Rabbi Cooper in the article 
below, consists of tying revisionist historians indirectly to terrorism and 
hate crimes.  The practice of accusing Palestinians of terrorism is not new 
of course.  But in this context, the attempt to tie historical revisionism 
and Arabs to terrorism and hate crimes is meant to scare off supporters as 
much as it is meant to galvanize Americans and the rest of the world against 
revisionist historians.  Please remain aware of this venom as you read 

5) that at the end of the article Rabbi Cooper unveils the Zionist morbid 
fear of having historical revisionism take root in the Arab World 
(erroneously called the Middle East).  Think about that.  Why would Zionists 
have such a fear?  In fact, towards the very end, Rabbi Cooper demands that 
the U.S. Government and "European Middle East wanabees", as he calls 
European states seeking a role in the Arab region, pressure the locals to 
adopt the official version of the "Holocaust".  Think about that too.  Why 
should this be such an important concern for Zionists?  Then, please think 
about the role that some Arab intellectuals play in enforcing the Zionist 
version of the "Holocaust"... If in doubt of the answers, please go back to
item one above.

Ibrahim Alloush
Media Coordinator of the Association against Zionism and Racism
Read an interview on revisionist historians and Jordan at:

Rabbi Cooper Launches New Attack on JWA, Arab Intellectuals, Syria & Iran
Read Rabbi Abraham Cooper's Editorial as Published In The MIAMI HERALD 

On April 7th, as Jews the world over gathered at their seder tables to 
celebrate the first night of Passover, a group of Arab intellectuals, headed 
by the Jordanian Writers Association, was putting the final touches for a 
“Forum on Revisionist Historians”.

The purpose of the Amman Forum was to rally support for the 
Holocaust-Denying Institute for Historical Review (IHR) which just had its 
much-hyped Beirut International Conference, entitled “Revisionism and 
Zionism,” courageously cancelled by the Lebanese government. At the moment, 
the IHR’s global hatefest is without a home, much to the chagrin of the 
event’s coordinator, Jürgen Graf, a professional bigot who fled Switzerland 
to Tehran after being sentenced to jail for defaming the memory of Hitler’s 
victims. Now, he had nowhere to convene the IHR’s all-star, international 
rogues gallery of violent haters including German Far Right leader Hörst 
Mahler and National Alliance head and Turner Diary author, William L. 
Pierce, whose racist tract served as blueprint for Oklahoma City bomber 
Timothy McVeigh.

Not for long, however, were Graf and the IHR left in the lurch. Ibrahim 
Alloush stepped in to rally on their behalf “scores of writers and 
intellectuals across Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon moved to defend freedom of 
expression in the Arab World and to set the record straight on Revisionist 
Historians.” The Amman Forum, according to Alloush, “is just the beginning 
of a series of activities that will hopefully culminate in a conference for 
revisionist historians in some Arab country.” The Arab and Muslim worlds, he 
informs us, need to learn such scientifically-proven “truths” as that “the 
so-called gas chambers were not used to exterminate Jews systematically, but 
to burn the corpses of people from different nationalities (after their 
deaths) to circumvent plagues. Among the “so-called victims”: Anne Frank. 
Despite these plans, the Amman conference has been shut down- at least for 
now. Concerned Jordanian officials told the organizers that the event would 
embarrass Jordan’s young King Abdullah, as he prepared to meet President 
George W. Bush for the first time at the White House.

No such hangups are evident in Damascus. There, a parallel hateful assault 
has been launched by the Western-trained President Bashir Assad, who 
recently twice labeled Israelis “worse than Nazis.” Against the backdrop of 
such rhetoric, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s decision to pull the 
plug on the IHR Convention was even more courageous. In his words, "Lebanon 
has more important things to do than holding conferences that hurt its 
international standing and smear its name."

Yet tragically, despite Hariri’s initiative, too many in the mainstream Arab 
and Muslim worlds teach their children just the opposite: that there was no 
Holocaust. They see the erasing of the historic and moral lessons of the 
Shoah, as a key component to deny Israel’s legitimacy and demonize all Jews. 
And what is particularly alarming is that this campaign gained momentum at 
the very time that then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was publicly 
offering the Palestinians an unprecedented peace deal which would have even 
included the Temple Mount.

From Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus to Gaza to Cairo, the Holocaust-denial 
ideology is being fused with a "holy war” gospel by those dedicated to 
delegitimatizing the Jewish people and destroying the state of Israel. In 
May 2000, the Iranian embassy in Vienna granted refuge to Austrian Holocaust 
denier Wolfgang Fröhlich who testified as a defense “expert witness” on 
Zyklon B and the gas chambers at Jurgen Graf’s trial in Switzerland. And in 
February 200l, Dr. Younes Geranmayeh in the Tehran Times ridiculed “the 
Auschwitz Conspiracy” perpetrated by “a handful of Jewish swindlers” who 
“present themselves as gas chamber witnesses.” Closer to Israel, Abdallah 
Horani told his fellow Palestinians that, “instead of talking about the 
so-called Holocaust, (we) should have followed the doubts (about it) that 
are gaining momentum in the international arena and among leading European 
intellectuals.” Sheik Nafez Azzam of the "Palestinian Jihad" movement in 
Gaza insists that any “intention to teach the Holocaust in the Palestinian 
schools contradicts the natural order of the universe.” And columnist Anis 
Mansour, writing in Egypt's official Al-Ahram newspaper, says it should 
“become clear to the world that what happened to the Jews of Germany, Poland 
and Russia was justified.”

No wonder that the U.S.-based IHR dreams of contributing to and riding the 
crest of a tidal wave of hate in the Middle East which would garner for 
itself an unprecedented level of international prominence and influence.

Perhaps all this would give some context to this outrageous news from one of 
Beirut’s Big Brothers, the Syrian Defense Minister Field Marshal Mustafa 
Tlass. He confirmed that he has signed a contract with Egyptian producer, 
Munir Radhi, to make a film based on Tlass’ 1983 book, The Matzah of Zion. 
That book, whose full-color cover is adorned with hook-nosed Hasids draining 
the blood of an innocent gentile, endorses as historical fact the notorious 
Damascus Blood Libel of 1840, when Syrian Jews were persecuted for allegedly 
conspiring to murder Muslims and Christians. The movie based on it, which is 
supposed to be an answer to “Schindler’s List,” may be titled “Harari’s 
List. ” David Harari was the head of the Jewish community in Damascus in 
1840 who was accused of masterminding the murder plot.

Meanwhile back in the U.S.A., professional Holocaust Deniers are recruiting 
new apologists. Recently, Esquire magazine decided to play Holocaust Denial 
for laughs by running veteran war reporter John Sack’s “Inside the Bunker” 
account—not of Hitler’s last days—but of today’s deniers that the Nazis ever 
intended to annihilate the Jews. Sack presents a sympathetic “insider’s 
view” of IHR stalwarts as “the most middling of middle Americans,” while 
accusing their Jewish critics like Deborah Lipstadt of “bias, rumors, 
exaggerations, and other preposterous matters.” Sack gave a speech at the 
latest IHR Convention recycling the thesis of his own discredited 1993 book, 
An Eye for an Eye, that Jewish Survivors of Hitler perpetrated “a little 
Holocaust” on Poland’s post-World War II German minority. And he even 
embraced the IHR’s man in Tehran and Beirut, Jürgen Graf.

But the hate propaganda of the Holocaust Deniers is no laughing matter. Just 
ask the grieving relatives of murdered postman Joseph Ileto. Though not a 
Jew, he was “an Asian American who worked for the government.” This was 
enough to make him a target for Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist Buford O. 
Furrow, Jr., recently sentenced to five life sentences for wounding five 
people, including three small children, at the Jewish Community Center in 
the San Fernando Valley and then shooting Ileto. Furow—who originally 
planned to attack the Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los 
Angeles—was indoctrinated as a Holocaust Denier at the Hayden Lake, Idaho, 
compound of Christian Identity preacher Richard Butler.

Furrow’s 1999 rampage is a stark reminder that, even in America, the Big Lie 
campaign denying history’s greatest crime can inspire violent hate crimes by 
“lone wolf” fanatics. But the threat of hate-inspired cataclysmic violence 
is much greater in the tinderbox of the Middle East when presidents embrace 
the same hate as policy.

Now is the time for U.S. policy makers and European Middle East wanabees to 
signal the Assads, the Arafats, the Khameinis that the embrace of the Big 
Lie cannot pass for policy among the civilized nations of the world. For 
left unchallenged, it will surely fulfill Santayana’s chilling prophecy: 
“Those who …are condemned to repeat it”.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Dr. 
Harold Brackman is Consultant on Intergroup Relations for the Museum of 
Tolerance in Los Angeles.

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