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Ten Reasons why "Israeli" Jews are Kosher Targets


1. They are occupying by force land which doesn't belong to them

2. They have ethnically cleansed the Palestinians from that

3. After more than fifty years, they still refuse to let the Palestinians
return to their land and property

4. They are objectively part of an imperialist colonial base in the
heart of the Arab World

5. They continue to kill and oppress the Palestinians daily

6. They must understand somehow that Palestinian blood is not cheap

7. They have been using the so-called peace process to
consolidate their gains on the ground.  95 more colonies were built
since the Oslo Agreement in 1993, not to mention bypass roads, in
the West Bank and Gaza

8. They can lend the Palestinians some Cobras and F-16's if they
don't like human bombs and rocks

9. They have managed to convince the U.S. government and
media that killing "Isreali" Jews is terrorism whereas the
point-blank killings of Palestinian children and the assassinations of
Palestinian freedom fighters are just 'mutual violence' and
'conflicting heritage claims'.  Reality Check!

10. They can always choose to LEAVE if they don't like the few
methods left to the Palestinians to liberate their land

Note: This is not some 'extremist' position.  Palestinian and Arab
opinion polls, on Al for example, indicated in the past
that support for the human bombs tactic runs upwards of ninety
percent on the Arab street.  Indeed, such human bombs are not
only justified.  Much more of them is needed.

Ibrahim Alloush




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