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Rythms of the Storm 


Twelve Gold Medalions
Some Arabian thoughts on the botched "Israeli" raid
on South Lebanon

By Ibrahim Alloush
To The Martyr
In a different world, love would have meant creating a home for ourselves and
our own children.  In this world of demolitions and destruction,  I loved him
all the more for his sacrifice...  that there might be a chance for those who
follow if not for us.

By Nabila Harb
Lets Get Back To Basics
This poem was written to her subtle elusive Palestinian
ways can we simply make the difficult brave decision?
To the Occupiers
By Nabila Harb
One Plot After Another
By Samir Taha
Laylat al Henna
(for the traditional night before the wedding when the girls and women
celebrate by painting the bride's hands with henna)
By Nabila Harb




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