Eight Short Interviews with Russia Today on Syria and Libya

February 23rd 2012 | كتبها

Syrian opposition getting ‘daily shipments’ of arms

… … recent reports of fierce fighting in Homs, many wonder where the opposition is getting so many arms from. No wonder, argues Professor Ibrahim Alloush, as “weaponry is being smuggled into Syria in large quantities from all over the place.” “It is pretty …


Gulf States to arm Syrian opposition?

… … role in supplying weapons to the rebel movement.­Dr Ibrahim Alloush, a professor at Zaytouneh University in Jordan, … action, military action, around the region and not just Syria.”Dr Alloush says that the point of this operation is to implode Syria socially …


‘Sabotage’ blasts in Damascus: Arab League mission doomed from the start?

… … League Observers, who are just beginning their peacekeeping mission, journalist Ibrahim Alloush told RT. ­“This kind of thing, … insurgents, regardless of name, whether they are Al-Qaeda or not.”Alloush says that having invited a team of Arab League observers …


‘Sanctions against Syria won’t bear fruit’

… … got to find another way to defuse the situation,” he maintains.­Dr Ibrahim Alloush, a professor at Zaytouneh University in Jordan, doubts there can be a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria as the Arab League “simply wants …


Guts but no glory: Gaddafi images over-the-top

… … man and the Arab public will see it as such,” political analyst professor Ibrahim Alloush is convinced. “I’ve talked to people who disliked Gaddafi and who disliked the way he was killed. They think this tells you …


‘Gaddafi had heroic last stand’

… … the last breath exactly as he’d promised, believes Jordan-based professor, Ibrahim Alloush. ­“What we have here is a heroic last stand and defense of Libya against a NATO-led invasion,” he said, adding that Gaddafi’s …


‘The world is not only European Union and United States’ – Syrian FM

… … side. The world is not only the European Union and the United States. “Dr Ibrahim Alloush from Jordan University believes that Damascus … in Syria using arms,” he explained.Dr Alloush says the Syrian regime, on the other hand, has been seriously attempting …


Killings in Syria despite holy celebrations

… … to halt violence and start talks would suffice.But Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, a professor at Zaytouneh University in Jordan, believes … the current regime, as happened in Egypt, concludes Dr. Ibrahim Alloush. The whole state will be removed and then recreated to …


الموضوعات المرتبطة

Dr. Ibrahim Alloush to Syria Times: “Israel’s” repeated missile attacks against Syria are an attempt to compensate for its Strategic Weakness

مقابلة مع موقع "سيريا تايمز" حول ما يهدف إليه الكيان الصهيوني من ضرباته الصاروخية المتكررة لسورية، وما يمكن لسورية أن تفعله لمواجهتها من دون الدخول في حرب شاملة مع الكيان في خضم الحروب التي [...]

Statement on the Current Situation in Venezuela بيان من لائحة القومي العربي حول التطورات الأخيرة في فنزويلا

Statement on the Current Situation in Venezuela (The English Version follows the Arabic One)   بيان من لائحة القومي العربي حول التطورات الأخيرة في فنزويلا إما جمهورية بوليفارية أو جمهورية موز: عاشت الجمعية الوطنية [...]

What is Jerusalem?

    Ibrahim Alloush         While in the U.S.A, an Arab or a Muslim may hear many an American protest: “… but the Christians have the Vatican, and the Muslims have Mecca.  So why can’t the Jews have Jerusalem?!”.   The implied condemnation in that rhetorical question naturally turns Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, [...]

Personal Random Thoughts on the Mandela Memorial Show

    Muhammad Abu Nasr We live in deeply irritating times. Mandela's memorial turned out to be a big circus. If I identified with the current South African leaders, I'd feel deeply humiliated right now at how that show went. But since South Africa is very far from being a bastion of the liberation struggle, I really don't care. I can [...]

El Estado único en Palestina: ¿Problema de judaización o de mera existencia de “Israel”?

Ibrahim Alloush The Free Arab Voice Traducido del árabe para Rebelión por Antonio Martínez Castro http://www.rebelion.org/noticia.php?id=165098&titular=¿problema-de-judaización-o-de-mera-existencia-de-“israel”?- El discurso contra la “judaización de Israel” se canaliza por dos caminos: el [...]
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