A Position Statement By The Arab Nationalist List On The Assassination Of Mu`ammar Al-Qaddhafi And His Comrades, Libya, and Arab Consciousness

October 25th 2011 | كتبها






A Condemnation Of The Killing of Martyred Libyan Arab Leader Muammar Qaddhafi, Who Was Assassinated After Being Captured Injured, While Resisting To The Last, After NATO Tracked And Bombed His Convoy


Two things have now become certain: First, that Qaddhafi and his companions were killed while facing off with NATO, mercenary, and collaborator forces, who have control of land, sea, and air. We thank God for granting brother leader martyr Muammar Qaddhafi, his son, his comrades, soldiers and fellow citizen fighters, the honor of martyrdom in a heroic fight, for death is coming to us all sooner or later, but lucky is the one who achieves an honorable death.


And second, that the NATO Rats have killed brother Qaddhafi, his son Mu`tassim, and their comrades, in a characteristically barbaric manner, while they were both injured and imprisoned. Had those treasonous rats had an atom’s worth of honor or morals, they would not have killed an injured captive. But their morals, as well as instructions from the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, given publicly two days previous, have allowed them to carry out the brutal and criminal assassinations.


Such barbaric killings of the injured and the captive would not have been possible were it not for tracking and targeting by NATO intelligence and airpower. This crime rests squarely on all who have participated, from the military command of NATO to the political leadership of the states contributing to the aggression on Libya (from the EU, US, Turkey, the “Arab” GCC and other compradore regimes). Had such brutality and mistreatment been visited on Jews or Westerners, we would have never heard the end of lamentations of “Human Rights”, “Rule of Law”, and “Just Retribution”; and these would have been used as pretexts to bomb and massacre entire nations.


What has happened in Libya this year is an unprovoked imperialist aggression on the Arab nation, Africa, and the Islamic and Third Worlds. It is an aggression targeting Libya the country, the people, the symbol and the potential, before being an aggression on its political leadership. What happened with martyr Qaddhafi is the same thing that happened to Arab martyr Saddam Hussein and his comrades, and for similar reasons. We are reminded that Qaddhafi was one of the few leaders who publicly condemned the assassination of President Saddam Hussein. In both cases, the sovereignty and dignity of independent states, as well as of the whole Arab nation, were most blatantly violated, in broad daylight, through assassinating their political leaders. The inter-tribal or inter-regional strife, fomented by the imperialist powers, that threatens Libya today, will be no less deadly or disastrous than the sectarian strife fomented in Iraq.


The targeting of Libya for its riches, its location, its successful model of social justice and development, and its independence, as well as for its generous support for other countries and liberation movements, is but a “colored” version of what was doled out to Iraq. What has happened in Libya is no popular revolution, but a NATO-sponsored armed coup, devastating military intervention, and a counter-revolution which has nothing to do with the great Libyan people. The new Libyan “democracy”, should it be permitted to take hold, will be a copy of the Iraqi “democracy” after Saddam Hussein, with “elections” and total imperialist control through military and other kinds of imperialist presence in our homeland.


The same goes for direct and indirect intervention in Syria and in other places, be it through sanctions, siege, armed subversion, or hostile media campaigns full of lies, for such intervention is but the first step to erasing the remnants of the national liberation project that has established strongholds in our Arab Homeland in the fifties and sixties of the last century. The unholy alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and other so-called Islamists, Arab Liberals, the reactionary Arab Gulf monarchies, NATO, and the Zionists, is bent on re-fragmenting and reshaping our region, and aims to return our countries to the pre-independence era, this time cloaked in a constitutional and democratic garb, while breaking down national and even sub-national identities under the pretexts of “citizen’s” or “minority” rights or what have you.


It is in this context that we understand the crime of the assassination of Al-Qaddhafi and his comrades. It is clear that the leader of the September 1969 al-Faateh revolution, the leader who has brought to Africa the highest standard of living on the continent, after being the poorest and after being a base for US and European colonialism, has been murdered at the hands of NATO and their rats while fighting for his country and for humanity to the very end.


And as if such a crime was not disgusting enough, what is even more disgusting is the manner in which we have been seeing and hearing justifications, and even celebration, of this crime across the Arab World.


How could this happen, really? Even if we take an Arab leader who never contributed to the anti-imperialist struggle, who never expelled the Americans from the massive Wheelus Air Base, and who never conducted popular reforms, would it be appropriate to accept, much less rejoice, over his overthrow and murder by invading imperialists? And while we didn’t always agree with or approve of Colonel Qaddhafi’s positions or ideas, and in fact we have often criticized them, we would never take these as a reason to be swept behind an aggression against Libya, or accept to be in the same trenches as the enemy.

Quite the opposite, merely justifying or “understanding” the assassination of Muammar al-Qaddhafi in this context of imperialist aggression against Libya and the Arab Nation serves to justify before the entire world any future foreign aggression against any Arab state – so long as the imperialists  invoke a few slogans about ‘human rights’ or ‘protection of the population.’

And if we are today mourning the death of an Arab leader martyred in battle, a leader who promised to stay in and fight for his home, to fight till victory or martyrdom, a leader who has kept his promise and assured for himself a glorious place in the history of the Arabs, we do not feel sadness but pride in his heroism. However, we are saddened by the loss of consciousness that has permitted many to salute and “rejoice” in an imperial-led aggression against our lands, and in bloody assassinations targeting our intellectuals, public figures, and their families.

Let it be clear that history will have no mercy for the weak-minded, and that this is a time for exposing what people are really made of and where they stand, and that no one will escape judgement. The nucleus of true Arab consciousness will survive the onslaught of media obfuscation and petrodollars, and a new generation of Arab women and men full of anger and revenge will not forgive or forget those who used the slogans of religion and “human rights” against the nation. Today it is again clear, in the shadow of the alliance of Islamists and liberals with NATO and the Arab compradore, that it is only the radical nationalist current, the current of nationalist leaders, martyrs, and the nationalist street, that is the true hope of the Arab nation, and the real threat to its enemies, because it is the only current with a project for the future, with roots that go deep into our heritage, and the only one with the true compass that does not deviate nor falter nor compromise with the enemies of the nation. This nationalist current is therefore the only one that is targeted for complete eradication.

Today we do not have the luxury of giving up or of excessive pondering. This is the time to wake up, rise up, resist, and ready ourselves for the inevitable and continuing imperialist assault. It is clear that this assault will continue to escalate after it has succeeded in invading and destroying Iraq and Libya, and has even succeeded in collecting and building support for these aggressions.

And to those who have cheered this crime we say: Go ahead and cheer the death of a fighter who did not fear your masters, like you do, and did not surrender! Had he surrendered he would have been hailed a hero by you!  You will wake up after it is too late and with much regret. Our African, Latin American, and South-East Asian brothers have shown much more awareness and loyalty than you when they correctly understood what was going on and stood with Libya. To them, to the Amazigh, and to true ant-imperialists around the world, we Arab Nationalists extend our hands.

May God’s mercy be upon our martyr al-Qaddhafi, and to NATO and their collaborators and agents eternal damnation!

Long live Libya!

Long live the Arab nation!

Death to traitors!

The Arab Nationalist List



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