A call to defend Libya’s unity, sovereignty, and independence from imperialist aggression

March 5th 2011 | كتبها

Peoples of the world,

After the partially successful popular Arab revolts against puppet regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, Western imperialism and Zionism are now on the counter-offensive.

It was only to be expected that imperialism and Zionism would not stand idle while their global system of fragmentation, domination, and exploitation was being shaken to its foundations by the will of the Arab nation.

Imperialism has chosen Libya as its next, but not final, stage for counter-attack.

Libya was chosen for the following reasons:

1- Libya has the world’s largest proven reserves of oil. At a time when worldwide reserves are dwindling, controlling Libya’s oil will become essential to maintaining the weakening world imperialist order in the long run.

2- It is essential for imperialism to destroy the successful example of independent development in Libya, with its gains in education, health care, social services, and the general high living standard of its people. This is despite the concessions made to globalization in recent years, which only serve to prove that concessions are no protection from imperialist aggression.

3- Libya has been for years at the vanguard of states that have cooperated to achieve a measure of freedom from imperialist domination in Africa, Latin America, in the Arab and Islamic worlds, and elsewhere. Moreover, Libya has supported in the past many struggles for national liberation around the world.

4- The partial successes of the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt have inspired the remainder of the Arab nation, especially in parts under the rule of puppet regimes, to take the initiative in liberating themselves from imperialist domination. Creating a civil war, fragmentation, a new puppet government or even foreign invasion of Libya, serves to sow fear and confusion among people thinking of emulating revolution elsewhere.

5- The plan to further fragment the already fragmented Arab nation along sectarian, tribal, ethnic, or regional lines, is an old plan that was being implemented systematically in every Arab country, whether its government was collaborating with imperialism against its own people or not. This was clearly laid out in the famous Kivonim Zionist document.  Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, and Yemen, were and are but examples. Imperialism saw an opportunity to carry out its old plan for Libya, taking advantage of the anti-authoritarian wave now sweeping through the Arab World.

Therefore we, the undersigned, wish to make these positions known:

1- We condemn in the strongest terms possible the world mainstream media, including al-Jazeera, for their role in spreading lies, exaggerations, and misinformation in the most deliberate and unprofessional manner, successfully manipulating world opinion. Among the most effective fabrications was the claim that the Libyan airforce bombed peaceful protesters in the early days of the unrest in Libya. This is reminiscent of the media’s role in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Yugoslavia, and their fabrications about genocide in Darfur, among other lies. This demonstrates that the media remains imperialism’s most effective weapon.

2- We denounce the treasonous role of many Libyan personalities and organizations, many of which are based in or receive funding from the West and are now claiming to be patriotic and revolutionary, in partaking in the spreading of lies about their country and calling for foreign intervention.

3- We denounce all the hypocritical governments in the west that are now preparing or aiding in military intervention, under the pretext of “human rights” or “democracy”, whether it is already taking place, or is planned. We call on all the people of the world to resist them through any means they see fit. We ask how is it that China was able to evacuate 35,000 of its citizens from Libya without sending a single warship, and without violating the sovereignty of Libya by landing military “rescue” operations on Libyan soil?

4- We denounce the quisling Arab governments which, while taking a public stand against foreign intervention in Libya, are actually doing everything within their means to encourage it, as they see it as a means to thwarting revolution in their respective countries.

5 – We condemn in the strongest possible terms the US-inspired actions and statements of the ICC, the UN Security Council, and the so-called “international community”, “international public opinion”, or “international law.” Their credibility stands at zero, due to their connivance in the destruction of Iraq and Yugoslavia and their silence over crimes committed by the US and its allies and puppets.

6- We call on you who have revolted in Libya, to consider carefully whether you want to be an instrument of invasion or imperialist intervention in your country, because, once that happens, the issue becomes no longer a matter of grievances against your government, but a matter of Libyan sovereignty. We remind you that whoever stands for sovereignty and unity is the one that has legitimacy to lead the country. Moreover, we point out that despite claims to the contrary, imperialist intervention appears to be already underway, and that unless you take a unified position against it, with your brethren who may have a differing opinion of the Tripoli government, you will be leading the country to civil war and will be destined to be viewed as traitors and collaborators. We remind you that liberation and democracy do not come through instigation or support from, or collaboration – in any way – with imperialism, Zionism, or their agents.

7- We furthermore call on all peoples of the world to support Libyan unity and independence, and freedom from imperialist aggression and intervention. We also declare our support for the armed resistance against intervention should that become necessary.

Long live Libya independent and united!

Long live solidarity against imperialism and Zionism!


Walid Cupp (John Paul Cupp)

Muhammad Abu Nasr

Hazem al-Biqaeen

Ibrahim Alloush

Hisham Ghassib

Imad Malhas

Samia Saleh

Brahim Harchaoui

Chris Sedlmair

Husayn Al-Kurdi

Jafar Jafari

Ibrahim Ebeid

Samer Hindi

Bob Brown. Co-director, Kwame Ture Institute

Hanane Harram

Zain Abdillah

Luk Vervaet

Boulaich Mohamed

Ahmed Azzuz

Bahar Kimyongur

Raja Eghbarieh, Chairman of Abnaa AlBalad Movement


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