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Political and Related Thoughts

Zionism and Judaism: Jewish law and relations with non-Jews

Translated from Arabic by Muhammad Abu Nasr By Ibrahim Alloush

     The Truth Will Set You Free:
     The U.S./Zionist Propaganda War, Its Leaders And Its Victims
 by Nabila Harb\FAV

     Iraq: Whose Dictatorship, Against Whom?
     A Position Statement by the CIL (Trotskyists) in Greece
     العراق: ديكتاتورية من ضد من؟
        موقف العصبة الأممية الشيوعية في اليونان (تيار تروتسكي)
The Nature of True Patriotism by Nabila Harb\FAV Rachel Corrie Lights the Way to the World by Nabila Harb\FAV The Lesson of the Martyrdom of American Rachel Corrie in Rafah By Ibrahim Alloush\FAV Ashura: A Call to Action by Nabila Harb\FAV On the Resolution of the U.S. Congress on Jerusalem by Muhammad Abu Nasr\FAV The Status of Jerusalem by Nabila Harb\FAV UN Relevance a Sham by Hazem Biqaeen A U.S. Diplomat Kills a Jordanian Citizen in Amman Two Kuwaiti Heroes Light Up a Shining Example for Arabs, Muslims By Ibrahim Alloush\FAV New Manual of Terror by Nabila Harb\FAV The Powerful Jewish Lobby by Mark Weber The Moral High Ground By Ali al Askari WHEN THE ZIONISTS TAKE DOWN OUR FLAG, TAKE THEM DOWN! By Ali al Askari The 'Anniversary of 9/11': Realities and Illusions by Nabila Harb\FAV A Call to Impeach Prince Saud al Faisal for High Treason by A Reader from the Arabian Peninsula The Real 'Suicidal' Muslims in North America by Nabila Harb\FAV But What About Saddam? By Tom Sager On The Question of 'Pro-Palestinian' Jews By Ibrahim Alloush\FAV Open Letter to Butcher Sharon By Ali Askari Islam: A call to action By Nabila Harb\FAV A Different Military Tactic By Ali Askari The rights of Palestinian Refugees between Charity and Surrender: A critique of the ADC booklet By Masad Arbid
World Trade Center Bombings: the Real Reasons
        By: Ziad Shaker elJishi\FAV
The worst provocation ever?
        By: Abu Nicola al Yunani\FAV
Promotes Bias against Arabs
 By Abdallah Sindi

 Comments on Anti-Normalization piece
 By Ibrahim Alloush

  Valentine's day
 By E. Yaghi


Poetic Expressions

Zafat Al-Intifadah
- By Samir Taha

A Dream
- By Luai Kaileh

Palestinian Am I
- By E. Yaghi





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